Company Stories

Our history is filled with Company Stories that demonstrate how going the extra mile has led to customer admiration. Over the last twenty years we have accumulated Company Stories of team members who live our core values through extraordinary customer service.

The Competition Gets Knocked Out Again

An Optometrist used a competitor and was unhappy with their service. After some discovery, it was learned that the account signed a 3 year lease and still had a 13 month, non-cancelable contractual obligation. Eyes On Hold agreed to service the account for the first 13 months at no charge. After 13 months of servicing the account, the account renewed with Eyes On Hold and has become a long time customer. 

Free Test Drives And Month To Month Agreements Shake Up Our Industry

We listened to you and responded! All of our three year, non cancelable agreements with auto renewal clauses were gathered and used to start a bon fire on a Santa Cruz California beach in 2003. Our competitors thought we are crazy but our customers loved it! We call it risk reversal. Free test drives and month to month agreements lead to trust and long term business relationships. There is no other way to do business.

Survey Cards Are Read And Responded To

With each finished production, each Eyes On Hold client receives a survey card. Clients rate Eyes On Hold’s turnaround time, production quality and the overall experience. Mike Rosslow, President of Eyes On Hold, reads every survey card and, when needed, responds immediately. One of our Optometrist clients in Cape Girardeau, MO made a comment that the quality of production was not up to our high standards. After investigation, it was found that the .mp3 had a rare defect that resulted in a portion of the music cutting out. Within 24 hours the production was fixed and delivered to our client. The account emailed us, “Thanks, I love that you guys not only send out a survey card but responded so quickly and action was taken…thanks so much for the great service.” 

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